Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long over due...

Okay this might be a longish post because I haven't blogged in a while!! Our lives have been so crazy. So here is the down low:

Max turned 1 month then 2 months and is a hefty little guy weighing in at around 11 pounds. The kid is a chunk! He is smiley and laughing and knows who his mom and dad are. He is pretty good sleeper but still not through the night and recently due to the events in our lives he always wants to be held but we are working past it.

We moved to San Diego and had only a few days to find an Apt. so we got into one but Im really not a fan of it but its clean and I will try to make it feel like home until we can bust out of our lease and move again {Im already hunting for a new spot } I feel like this place is a foriegn country and really feel like a miss fit. People keep coming up and asking me if that is my baby YES people it is...get over it Im 23 and married...sorry its an hot spot for me :) After moving we went up to EDH for 3 glorious weeks to see David off to the mission, hang out with my brother Tom and watch my cousin Natalie get married in the Sacramento Temple.. it was so fun.

Now we are back in SD. Larry started and finished his first week of law school and to top it off there was a HEAT WAVE. High 90s down here and yup we have NO air conditioning becasuse apparently you don't use it most of the time {all lies I tell you} Anyway after one day of sitting in our basically 100 degree aparments yours truley had a world famous melt down and lost it...I mean lost it the crying hysterically saying crazy things like we are moving back to Utah this day and never coming back to this hellish area. So 2 seconds later we checked into a hotel until the heatwave passed. Larry is crossing his fingers that I somehow can cool down and unpack the apartment because thats still not done and we have been eating fast food and I've been crying hysterically to go home!!

So thats whats up with us in a nut shell. I am typing this in our apartment now as its only 65 degrees and hopefully won't be hot today or I as you readers as my witnesses I will die.

Heres some fun pictures of max..


  1. I'm sorry! When it gets hot there it's miserable. Max is getting so big. I can't wait to see him. (and you)!

  2. I'm sorry that you're having a hard time. Hopefully the time will fly and then you can come back to us! If the time flies there then it will here too. We miss you a ton. Do you have text so we can text every now and then?