Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 months

2 months old and still alive!
Max has had a crazy couple of weeks. Moved to San Diego...unpacked and went right up to Sacramento for Natalie Foells wedding. He has been a very good traveler. He sleeps so much its nice to not have to worry he will scream in the car so much.

Happy 2 months Max!
Random things about this baby. He loves to be swaddled. I mean the kid calms right down when you wrap him tight like a burrito. He loves baths and has yet to find out that he can really scream loud. He enjoys just being around people and be held. He sleeps on everyone's chest and takes a bottle very well but really nothing else to sooth him. He sleeps in his little cradled really well and is finally out of his preemie outfits and is in newborn diapers. He likes to suck on his lower lip and has beautiful blue eyes that you can get a glimpse of when he is awake. He spits up a lot, not projectile but if you don't give him a good burp its everywhere about 2 seconds after he is done eating...a lot of my clothes are ruined, but it is worth it.

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