Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MJ Harris 15 weeks old

I love Max more than diet coke...and that is saying something! There is a special bond between mom and baby, one that no one can understand unless they have experienced it I think. Its amazing and beautiful and can make me all gooey, gushy, and mushy. He is perfect to me in every way even when he is screaming for food or pooping or spitting up on my on an outfit I like.

I love him, we are buds forever.

He is so funny and smiles when he sees us. He sticks his tongue out and copies you if you raise your eye brows or smile. He loves getting kisses in his neck creases and giggles and has loud high pitch squeals of delight when Larry is tickling him or playing with me. He loves baths and to stand on his legs and makes lots of grunting noises all day and babels loudly a lot. He knows when he is being ignored and loves to suck on his thumbs, burp cloths and blankets anything goes in his mouth. He loves to be in his swing and has found that if he looks up he sees himself in the mirror and he kicks his legs like crazy all the time {its his restless leg syndrome..haha}

He is the one thing that is keeping me going and even though life is ROUGH right now, he was the perfect choice for us and I am sad to see him get bigger and grow but also excited to see him become a rambunctious little boy. I can't wait for more to come and more babies hopefully.

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