Friday, September 17, 2010

Traveling time...

This is how me and Max look in the morning sometimes. Especially after he gets up at 3:00 am. He is doing so good though sleeping 6 hours straight then up for a quick bite to eat and down for about 4 more hours so I am starting to feel slightly better when 8 am calls. We are leaving to go back to San Diego today and we are flying for the first time together...I'm crossing my fingers all goes well and my bag doesn't weight too much. We will be coming back in about 4 weeks! I decided a trip once a month will help me not be so depressed about being a law students wife. This is me coping while Larry is in law school. I decided whatever helps us survive and this is it!

Wish us well on our first flight together just me and him..I feel brave.

We had so much fun visiting up here for 2 weeks. We babysat lots and lots and saw friends and worked on some blankets and crocheting ( I think that is spelled right :/ ) and played with cousins, It was blissful. So fun!

Have a great weekend everyone. I get to kiss my sweet husband tonight after 2 long weeks...
Oh boy!


  1. Hope you have a safe flight! I love your new picture on the top of your blog and your fallish background! So cute! Hope we get to see you in 4 weeks--call me!

  2. I know how it feels when it comes to not a lot of sleep! Zoe is up at 12 then 3 then up at 7 for a couple of hours, then back down for a nap! Its fun!!! Godd luck with the flight! We were thinking about flying to California for thanksgiving but then decided to drive.