Thursday, September 2, 2010

Max's Baby Blessing

After going back to San Diego for the first 2 weeks of school we are once again back up at my parents house for Max's blessing. We decided to have the blessing be with Johnny Martins baptism because we knew everyone would be there for that including Larry's parents from Utah so it all worked out just great. I am planning to stay with my parents for another 2 weeks and then go back down to San Diego in the middle of September. Its just been so hard for me with the move and a new baby and a husband that need to concentrate on studying the law.

The blessing Larry gave Max was short, sweet, and simple just like us. I am so happy it worked out and it pleased everyone which is what I am all about! Truthfully I could have cared less if we did one, I felt it was not worth the stress with the move and our whole life changing but Larry's parents were shocked when I had mentioned that so onward we went, the things I do for other people sometimes :) Its okay though I am sure looking back we will be glad we did it.

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