Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reality Of Being A Parent.

It have finally accepted I am pregnant. After doctors visits, and now a gender its real and it became even more real while I was running around all day after Max and had a little guy inside me kicking all the live long day. Its real. Also my clothes aren't fitting which is very depressing so that has made me more aware of it then ever.

In other news we are trying a new thing called time outs. Max is a sweet little boy. But he knows what the word "no" means and he has become a little too defiant, especially when it comes to throwing things. Now we kinda set him astray when we gave him a million balls to play with but he has go to start learning that not everything is a ball.

The routine is pretty simple. If i say no and he still throws whatever it is...its usually his sippy cup he gets put on time out. There is a designated spot in the kitchen that he sits on a chair and stairs at the timer. When the timer goes off he can get down. Its worked out pretty well. I am sure he has no clue why I am doing this but it calms him down from his tantrum and gets him back on track. Amazingly he won't get off the chair (for the time being) and he knows when the timer goes off hes done. Its kinda cute.

Anyways hopefully I have more eventful and fun things to say next time I post. This is the life of a mom, its fun, crafty, never ending, tiring, rewarding, boring, frustrating, and messy all in one sometimes very long day :)

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