Sunday, November 20, 2011

Falling In Love Again.

Thursday night I set out with my sister-in-law to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. Seriously we are nuts. It was really fun though. The theater was packed with tons of my friends and moms with their daughters. We chatted for about 2 hours before the movie started which is always good for a girls soul. The movie was so so, but its okay because I am not a fanatic its just fun to watch a love story. It makes me remember when I read the books and how much fun falling in love is. I love being married to Larry but it was so much funner to fall in love when everything was fresh and new. It also cracks me up that the couple saves themselves for marriage and how awkward it can all be between you two at first. It made me totally remember when Larry and I were finally alone after we were married in the car on the way to dinner...I was like wow we are married and alone and this is allowed now. I think if your married you know that feeling.

Needless to say it was a fun night. I stayed up way to late and drank way to much soda. Once I got home and crawled into bed Max started crying 2 hours later. Trying to be fun and young has its price when your a mom. It was a long groggy day but totally worth it. I kept telling Larry all about how I think we should fall in love again, he kept laughing at me and saying I can never go to a midnight showing of a movie again. :)

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