Sunday, November 6, 2011

Staying Positive While Getting Fat.

I am having a hard time staying positive and feeling good about my body. I am now officially 20 weeks and half way through this pregnancy. I have relatively gained the same weight so far as the last one but somehow this time around I feel much wider then before. I feel like I am this chubby person and I am frankly getting depressed about it. I worked hard with Max not to gain weight and worked very hard about getting rid of it. I am self-conscious and feel super bad already and I am only half way there. I don't seem to remember having this problem but I am in a mood and Its been hard to snap out of it. Any ideas?

Yes Yes I know I am pregnant...and you get fat when that happens but I am small and looking fat doesn't suit my already baby fat face. I eat right, and exercises and chase around a toddler I don't know what else to do. Larry says I should put in a disclaimer that he thinks I look great and I have not busted out the maternity clothes yet. {yahoo} small victory I guess.

Maybe I shouldn't be writing this as I sit on my bed and have just eating dinner...because that just makes things worse after you eat you never feel skinny. Anyways I must stay positive! I must I must. Oh hey we find out what we are having Wednesday fun right? Maybe I will feel better then:)

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