Monday, March 28, 2011

Is 400sqft too small??

We have been looking for some new digs these last couple of weeks for when we get back after our exciting summer. There is some bummer things about living in the sunshine city of San Diego and real estate is one of them...a big fat bummer.

1. everything is pricey...even the ghetto.
2. a/c not standard and it gets h-o-t here.
3. parking is crazy and they love giving out tickets.
4. there is a nice place next to a dump...hate that.
5. getting them to pay your utilities...they laugh at you when you ask.

so we have had dilemmas on where to move. Move towards downtown out of our amazing ward, into a one bedroom not to save money but to get a/c? It is a conundrum really. I can a squeeze Max into a tiny walk in closet next fall right? until he is almost 2? right? And then have a new baby sleep in the front room...right?

Well in all this apartment hunting it has made me grumpy because I am sick of living in one frankly. Where is my house? First come love then comes marriage...then a house not a stinky tiny apartment right! Gosh dang it I want one!! Heck I deserve one...well not really I just think so.

Here is my lovely dream house...isn't she pretty.

Larry and I love going to model homes and watching HGTV...shh don't tell the other guys he might not like them knowing. I love me a craftsman home. I also love colonials but you don't find to many of those out here in California.

So we will continue on our hunt for a new "home". One day I will get a big beautiful house...right after 7 years of schooling...we most defienetly deserve one. Heck we are paying a mortgage right now basically. Seriously the day we buy a house I will cry my eyes out with excitement, hopefully it is only a few years off.


  1. Hey! Iknow how you feel, I'm tired of apartments too! But our one bedroom is 750 square feet and only $925 a month. then we pay like $50 utilities- and you'd get to stay in the ward! The bedroom is plenty big for a bed and a crib too... you should check it out! good luck!

  2. Okay, so you mentioned that the front room could work for a new baby. Are you expecting?

    Also, have you checked with anyone in your ward to see if they have an appt attached to their home that you could live in. Then you could stay in your ward and in a better place.

  3. Don't move out of the ward!

    Bah, let's be honest, the reason we live in the ward is because we looked EVERYWHERE for something downtown... and I think I've seen the crappiest apartments in Hillcrest and Bankers Hill... so hideous. We finally decided that our budget will just get us farther a little bit away from the city, and the commute isn't so bad.

    Ideally, I'd love to live in a studio in Coronado... but for some reason the other two members of my family seem to think a studio is too small. Hello, less to clean!

  4. I LOVE Colonials and Craftman houses too! I hope I can find one out West. I agree, I am getting so tired of apt living. Although I do have to say, Ive stayed at parents for a few days while jareds been gone...and its so much harder chasing around emmett! There are stairs that go down and up and I cant keep an eye on him all the time like I can in our apt. lol. Actually made me appreciate it