Thursday, March 31, 2011

A fun little story...

Every day I pack Max up and take Larry to and from school, the same route everyday so I really know the streets and everything around us right? Well almost every Friday I see the exact same guy dressed in some sort of black suit carrying a pink pastry box, every Friday afternoon the exact same corner at the exact same time.

The weird thing about this man is that he is never going anywhere, he just paces around the corner smiling carrying that pink pastry box. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but then week after week it was really starting to get suspicious.

I brought this to the attention of Larry who thought I was being crazy and maybe the guy just liked hanging around the corner. Come on really, in this neighborhood, yeah right! I contemplated him being a drug dealer, pimp...I dunno?? but something is definitely up and weird right?

Every Friday I kind of look forward to seeing him and what he is up to, one day I imagine that the cops will be surrounding him and opening up that pink pastry box...but who knows. I told Larry last night when we were going to bed I would have made a good cop, he just laughed and rolled his eyes.

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