Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big news:

Oh Happy Day!!!

We are employed!!!!

For the summer that is...But HURRAY. Larry landed an internship at a small firm in Folsom for the summer and I am THRILLED. {and its PAID} double bonus!

We are moving up in 6 weeks to live with my parents all summer long. How fun right?? And all my brothers will be living with us....I am actually excited because we haven't stayed/lived together in like 6 years. My brother John will be getting home from his mission and my older brother is in transition moving from Hawaii to Virgina to start an MBA program in the fall and is going to be home and my little bro David is home until he leaves for BYU in the fall.

So fun!! I am so grateful, this is a huge blessing for us. It worked out and I am so glad.

We will be coming back to San Diego for the fall semester and are looking for a better apartment with AC! I am not fan of our apartment at the moment but I LOVE LOVE LOVE our ward and will be moving right back into the boundaries.

This will be like our 9th move...we really move like every 9 months so its no big deal for us, its normal but I am excited to be with my family and Larry's sisters family that live up there too...hopefully we can get through these next few weeks, Larry can kick butt on finals and we can put this school year in the bag!

Again HUGE blessing, I am beaming right now. We went to the yummiest desert place in San Diego {thanks Natalie for introducing us} to celebrate such a great thing!


  1. So happy for you! Excited you are moving back to the ward. You will have fun with your fam, I am totally jeal

  2. there's the blessings you were looking for! happy for you; will be a nice break! plus, gma and gpa can help out with your little guy!