Saturday, March 19, 2011

9 Months ago...

I pushed this little guy out and now he is my fat Max. 9 months looks like this:

Lots of crawling, standing, balancing, crawling some more. Won't stay still unless he is asleep, seriously he is non-stop all day long and gives me a run for my money. He loves to pull things down, eat paper, crawl into the kitchen, tries to scale the walls and "talks" to me all day long. He fights his naps constantly but conks out when its bed time! He has 4 teeth and loves to eat anything we are eating especially jello jigglers I make him...random right? He doesn't really like fruit but loves his vegetables weird boy. He is a danger in the bath because he splashes like crazy and makes huge waves in the tub. He loves being around other kids and pulling hair and sticking his finger up anyone's nose, its how he says hi.

He has the best smile and makes crazy faces, his eyebrows make his expressions hilarious. He is bald in back and has a party on top. 9 months ago we took you home and you are still alive! It is amazing, you make me want lots of more babies and those blue eyes are a the best! Hurray to 9 months ago when they put you on my chest and you peed on me....tender memories.We made it this long here is the count down till you are one year old!

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