Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Family

Sundays are awesome. We get to go to church, we get to eat, we get to take long naps.

Love it!

Happy Sunday Everyone. Looking for some inspiration? I read this talk about Young Mothers and it made me cry. Somedays being a stay at home mom to a small child is discouraging because no one sees you actually doing it and sometimes I feel like I could die and no one would know until Larry came home hours later because its not like you see many people during the day. And lets face it if you don't show up for work, no one is going to call home looking for you...right?

Well this talk made me feel so great...really being a mom is so much better then any nursing job I could have. {even though many tears were let out during school to actually get the degree}

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  1. hmm, how about I quit biz school and have a baby and we can be SAHM moms together. You make it sound nice. And in my studying-for-midterms madness, a baby seems perfect right now.