Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working out

So after having this baby almost over 9 months ago I have finally found the motivation to work out again. Lets be honest did I work out tons befoe I had Max...Nope. But I would like to think I led a really active lifestyle went on lots of hikes, walk to and from school. Walked and stood alot in hospitals and at my bookstore job and lifed books day and night so really I was doing okay.

I mean I only gained an entire 14 pounds with the baby so really it was all gone in like a week but my body just doesn't feel or look the same. {for those who have been pregnant I think u get it?}

Larry thinks I look great..but he had seen me pregnant forever so who knows. Anyways we have a gym where we live, but how do I go with the baby? and I hate when Larry gets home and I dash off for a workout dumping him with Max when he needs a break from life as well.

So I found a boot camp workout on Netflix. I feel so embarrassed doing it in my house in sometimes just my garments but dang its kicking my butt!! Haha I hope that I can just feel good and do it about 4 times a week. I do get a workout carrying that 20 pound baby around daily as well.

Check it out on netflixs its great and I can do it when the baby takes naps.

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