Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Hood

I wanted to introduce you to our lovely neighbors in San Diego. I really really hate our apartment. I mean there are times when I curse it to burn down and we just walk away. We live in what I would say is ghett-O {you gotta pronounce the O long and hard to really make it work} Anyways needless to say its a drastic change to anywhere we have lived. I mean its not shack in Mexico, but really it is because we live like some 10 miles from the border. Nuts. I know.

Yes yes its all sunny skies here but if you knew what we paid to live here you would roll over and die, and to top it off we have bare necessities in this box with the crappiest of crap.

Okay move on from the rant. Our neighbors are a variety of folk. Really some are nice and just trying to get by with what life gave them, others though you wonder like what the heck our your life choices?! There is some college kids that party hard day and night and the cops come regularly and not to mention our drunk black friend that tried to break into our apartment the other night.

The funniest thing is as I am writing this LITERALLY a crazy black couple is screaming at each other and we can hear every word...and now the cops are pulling up...sweet times here.

only a couple more weeks then we are MOVING

did i mention we are moving yet and employed?
Have a great day!


  1. Your apartment INSIDE is darling! Even if you did live in a shack in TJ, I am sure your little touches would make it homey.

  2. the people above us in WT spanish fork pretty much cuss eachother out with the F word every 2 seconds and the cops never come because it's at 9 am on a saturday while i'm trying to sleep in... also, we don't dare call the cops on them because they'd probably come downstairs and pound us to the ground! i wish the cops would come and be ghett-o by my house because then the yelling would stop!

  3. bahaha you will look back and laugh at where you live. We currently live in the ghetto and cant wait to move but man I will have some good stories to last a lifetime!