Friday, March 11, 2011

Cookies anyone?

Yesterday after my smarty pants husband finished up his law classes we went to the San Diego zoo for a while. The best thing about having a pass is we can come and go and never have to spend too many hours carrying a 20 plus pound baby around the zoo while the never ending sunshine fries you.

We went saw the reptile house {very Harry Pottery with all those snakes around} Hit up the elephants said hello to the meerkats and went to lunch. Later after strolling around the mall for now reason, which is never good because it wants me to spend monies I stumbled upon this...

I am in love. I saw it from across the store and ran for it, well sorta I was holding fat max but hurriedly walked towards it so no one else would take it... you know I didn't want to cause a ruckus because then everyone would notice how awesome it was.

I could never spend a whopping $128.00 bucks on a cookie jar, not even if we were rich, because that is just ridiculous with a capital R.

But really could I?? Maybe just maybe?

But probably maybe, most definitely not with a capital N.

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