Friday, December 26, 2014

Our First Christmas In The New House! 2014

Once again I should have taken more pictures of our christmas adventure in the new hours BUT it was a nice christmas a fun to decorate the house a different way. The only bummer is that our fireplace doesn't have mantels yet so we had to make do. Also it was fun to figure out some lights outside. Larry had to finagle different way to walk around the tile roof and it was a little nerve racking seeing him so high up but the end result was nice! 

I loved the tree we got this year, it was spacey enough to not cram all the decorations...but notice only the top half is decorated which will be the style for years to come. And the awful goose. One day I'll have my own house with my own tree but for now I did get to have the white lights this year. I loved watching scout lay by the tree when the house was clean with the fire on and music playing! Nothing better then a quite clean christmas house! Love that little baby girl! 

I know there is lots of photos from actual christmas day on an actual camera somewhere but this one I grabbed of Max when he got his light saber he has been wanting forever and his blue razor scooter he was so excited to get! I love christmas with these kids. We try hard to focus on the real picture of christ and we try even harder to make sure they only get a few presents so it is not all about that, plus they are extra grateful for the ones they have! It can be hard, I'd love to spoil them rotten but I don' want to set a president each year. It is fun to watch them open toys and love playing with them. Anyways I will try to find some more pictures of Noah because I know he enjoyed Christmas in the new house just as much!


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