Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scout's Blessing.

For Scout's Blessing we traveled up to Oregon to bless her at the baptism of her Cousin Riley Morrison. It worked out well and was a run weekend away. We left Friday afternoon and got to the hotel and the boys swam and then slept well. Scout was her usual fussing self. She cried most of the drive unless I was holding her or feeding her  (6 hours) and slept okay at the hotel. The blessing was before the baptism and was short and sweet. Dave our brother in law had some family in town and we had his brothers join the circle as well. I always feel like the more priesthood holders to circle my baby in that love and power are welcome! It was special in their home and sweet. She cried the entire time. We tried to take a few pictures in her beautiful dress that was made by her grandma Harris but you can see she hated it all. 

I love this girl with all my heart but she is a trying baby. I know she will grow out of it but man alive my ears are ringing. The boys always tell people how much she cries! Well my Scout Elizabeth even though you cry every time you get a chance and will only calm down if being held we still love you SO much and are SO grateful you have joined our family. You add a sweet spirit to our family and we could not imagine our lives without you. We hope you grow up to be an amazing person fill with love for others and a desire to learn, serve, create, be happy, be a mother, and marry someone just as amazing as you! We love you darling girl, screaming and all. 

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