Monday, October 29, 2012

7 Quickest Months Of My Life...

I blinked my eyes and this sweet baby is turning into a big baby faster then I would like. Seriously Noah, I just felt like I found out I was pregnant with you and then WHAM you are now 7 months old! I think that time is speeding up more with this baby more then with Max.  He is doing things quicker and sooner then Max did, and Im pretty sure its because he has such a great big brother to show him the way! I could not ask for a more happy and content baby. He is so chubby and kissable. I love to hold his huge body and give him kisses. He gets so excited when he gets attention he screams and laughs and gets a good grip on my hair. How is it that babies are stronger then me?

At 7 months my sweet Noah is...
So Smiley
Even tempered exempt when hungry 
has 2 bottom teeth 
takes 3 naps and sleeps mostly all night
loves to eat! 
loves to put anything into his mouth
screeches for joy
loves to get his tummy blown on 
is SO wiggly and never stops moving
loves taking baths and making tons of splashes with Max
loves to roll over while I change his diaper, or put clothes on
never cries to get out of his crib unless he wants food
loves his dad and brother 
still can hang in the jumper for a good hour
will lay on his back and kick his feet forever 
has the strongest little grip...those cubby fingers hold on tight! 
loves to take walks in the stroller 
coos and is starting to babble 

I love this little Noah of mine! He is mine! I am so over joyed that he has come to our family. Even last night while doing a 5 am feeding (he slept 8 hours hurray!) I went back to bed and said a small prayer of gratitude not only for Noah but for both my boys. Some days I want to pull my hair out when I am tired or everyone is fussy, but most days I hang with them both, play with them, read stories, and be their mom. It is amazing to see how they are growing strong and healthy! I'm sad to see Noah turn into more of a big baby and then toddler. As I watch his babyness go away as he becomes mobile it makes my heart break a little but I am excited for the relationship that him and Max will develop as he is able to play more with Max and they grow up together. He is such a sweet baby and I cannot believe how fast these 7 months have flown by! Happy 7 months old Noah Dean.

Check him out 7 months old!! 21 pounds of pure awesomeness! 

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