Friday, October 5, 2012

Lists Lists Lists!

Did you know I am a list person? I write lists for almost everything from groceries to budgets to crafts and cleaning. For me seeing everything about my life in simple column I can cross out as I go makes me feel like I am getting things done! I was the same way in school I would sit and write lits of nursing info and meds for hours its how I studied, so naturally I do it in everyday life :) Here is one of my recent lists...

Things I am looking forward to or loving right now:
  • the weather has FINALLY cooled down 
  • playing at the park and not dying of heat
  • Noah is so close to full out crawling 
  • Max's bear costume is all cut out now on to sewing! 
  • date night with friends
  • General Conference 
  • getting some new fall clothes
  • burning candle pumpkins for days 
  • Max might be turning the corner on his eating issues
  • I'm getting my hair done on Monday{whoot whoot, haven't since the baby was born}
  • family pictures at the end of the month
  • Halloween crafting
  • Going to a pumpkin patch with the boys
  • Me new calling in Relief Society {I get to teach, yikes}
  • Being half way done with Christmas shopping
  • New books in series I've been reading are finally out! 
  • Baking bread and the way it makes my house smell 
  • Soups season! easy dinners that make your house warm. 

Overall this month is looking up! The over 90 degree days of September are gone bringing a new season and a much needed mood change in our house. On a side note I've been incredibly tired. I feel like no amount of sleep takes away my fatigue...I know I have 2 kids and they take most of my energy but Im pretty sure somethings up...I'll let you know. Suggestions besides a constant IV of diet coke? 

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend! Enjoy Conference!

1 comment:

  1. Love your list!!!!
    Things I want to see:
    Max's bear costume
    Your new hair!
    Your family pictures!
    Your Halloween crafts

    K thanks, :)