Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Alright this Halloween was alot of fun because Max being almost 2 and a half totally go it! We had our ward trunk or treat like 2 weeks ago so it kinda felt like Halloween was totally over but then surprise it was the 31st and we were ready to party! We hit up Larry's anual party at the office, and let me tell you those lawyers know how to party! We also went trick or treating later that night with his Martin cousins and ate way to much pizza, home made root beer {by larry!} and copious amounts of candy!

Let me tell you, there is nothing cuter then seeing your toddler hopped up on candy running through the streets on a cloudy spooky night in his little bear costume. His little bear butt with his little tail was the cuttest thing. His high pitched voice saying "tricker treat"and "thank you" just makes me smile ear to ear. That wild and crazy boy has be wrapped around those tiny chunky sticky fingers!

Noah was a champ chillin in the stroller...such a sweet baby didn't even cry for candy or get scared of the dark. He made such a cute honey pot and I better stop talking because man alive I could keep talking about how much I adore that baby of mine!

Overall we had a great night...not to many great pictures BUT I tried. No judging on my costume took me along time to configure that bear costume which took even longer for Max to finally agree to wearing it. He might look all innocent and cute but it's a lie...he screamed bloody murder getting the makeup on his face and getting him into the outfit! :) Motherhood is great right?! I loved making their costumes...I figure its the job of every stay at home mom to make them right? Whats a childhood Halloween without the home-madeness of it all!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy and dry halloween! Can you believe how fast this year has flown by. Wasn't it just last year?? Man alive time really needs to slow down...{except for law school that can speed up}...but boys stop getting so big! Can't wait to see what next years Halloween looks like!

Don't you LOVE how our boys do NOT sit still? Minus the bribes of bottles, candy, and spoons :) 


  1. SO CUTE! Don't hate me but i JUST started following your blog :-| I love the boys' costumes, very impressed you made them yourself! I can't wait to get back to the mainland so we can have playdates!