Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Day In The Life With MAX...

We've had some construction going on in the court above us and it has created quite the excitement at our house. Everyday Max wakes up asking to go see the dump trucks. He will beg and whine until I give in and we will walk up the hill and sit on someones front lawn and watch as all the big trucks work. Max is in heaven, he will sit for a good 30 minutes talking to me all about the dirt, tractors, and of course his favorite the dump truck. One afternoon a dump truck came and dumped tons of dirt, he was screaming and laughing as the dirt slid out of the bed of the truck. Honestly sitting there in the cool air watching him watch all the work just melted my heart. He is so excited about the world around him and he loves such simple things like this. 

 He is SUCH a boy! 

I feel so fortunate to be able to stay at home and be with these boys. I wouldn't have half the opportunities I do if I worked. When I am able to do things like this with Max it makes me especially grateful for Larry, and all the hard work he does to keep me at home! Max is so sweet and innocent and I know one day little things like this won't excite him, but for now I want him to be able to have experiences like this, and I love that it makes him so happy. Everyday we have gone up at least twice a day, and he will drag anyone up who will take him. When we leave he always says bye bye to the workers and to the dump trucks. 

Oh he is so sweet, sometimes I want him to stay this size forever!! I love love being his mom! 
{And my sweet Noah who napped during all these adventures} 

{Look at these pictures...doesn't be look like a big boy? I think he is no longer a toddler :( and Is really officially a little boy. Time flies}


  1. I love him and his excitement! I wish we could all see the world through eyes of a child... I think everyone would be happier : )

  2. How CUTE! I think my mom has some pictures of her boys doing things like this... possibly even in our backyard. ;) whenever we drive by a construction site, Ben takes the opportunity to tell me about all the machines. I don't know that they ever grow out of it... :)