Monday, October 1, 2012

I need to remember this...

Last night after a long lazy sunday of church and a glorious long nap we had dinner and did our normal night time routine. Story time came and all 4 of us laid in bed while Larry read us all stories. Max was loving cuddling with us, and Noah rolled around on the bed chewing on books and cooing. I was soaking it all in.

My heart was full as my sweet husband read story after story that Max requested, while I laid there squeezed between the people I love most. For like 15 minutes everyone was happy, and content. I am pretty sure this is was heaven feels like. These moments are short but I want to remember every second of our family time together.

I am so grateful for these moments to make me remember what my life is really all about, and how lucky I am that I have a husband who despite all my flaws loves me and is trying to accept and love me for eternity. I have 2 beautiful boys who frustrate me and exhaust me, but the love I have for them is out of this world!

These are the moments I need to remember. These are the things that are really important and the memories that will last for eternity.

I am SO lucky to have an eternal family. It takes a lot of WORK and sometimes if you come by our house on certain days or hours it looks like our lives are falling apart but when things are good, they are really good and thats one of the best things about life, right??

I love being a mother, I love being a wife, and I love serving these people more then words can express. While I laid in bed I felt an overwhelming feeling of love for my life and was so excited for the future and to see how things unfold for us. I hope that things turn out good, that we continue to be happy and years from now I can continue to lay in bed listening to my husband read to our children {hopefully more!!} and I can be filled with the same overpowering love for them all!

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