Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lets Talk About My Life Overhere...

Alright so I once again back blogged...can you tell. Its a cool new thing Im doing because my life got a bit crazy this last week and I had wanted to once again post things but getting around to it was not possible...heck getting a shower was pretty impossible. I watched 8 kids last week while my sister-in-law went to Mexico for 6 days. Needless to say I survived hence the blogging. I learned a few things about having 8 children.

...getting up early to take a kid to seminary is not so fun
...getting a shower is a luxury 
...changing 3 babies diapers makes for one stinky trash can
...feeding 8 kids all at once can get a bit nuts 
...being a single mom to this tribe made me EXHAUSTED
...having a TV in the minivan makes all the difference in the world!!
...not enough diet coke in the world can make things right
...I can have 8 kids, but I'd feel like a drill sergeant. 

Overall my week went as good as can be expected. I was able to get everyone everywhere with all my helpers and was able to even get a few showers in during the week! I was so physically tiered from lifting 3 babies in and out of cars/car seats everyday as well as high chairs and just generally moving them around. I was SO grateful for my 2 little boys when we got home and it was quiet and I could address both their needs without feeling overwhelmed. I was pretty proud of myself for only crying once, at the end of the week and never yelling at any of the kids! Anyways I will get back to my normal program around here now that my gig with the 8 kids is over. Aren't you all excited?! 

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