Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Getaway...

Well I did it! I left my children for an entrie 48 hours and only cried on the drive to the beach house...twice. I think I deserve a metal. It was short and sweet, just the little break we had been hoping for. Larry has me all to himself, no children hanging off of me or interrupting our sentences. We stayed in a cute beach cottage and drove down to the bay for the day for some hiking, shopping, and dinner.

I forgot how much fun I have with my husband. He is so low key and casual when we travel. We get there when we get there, we find food, we chat, we sit in silence, we listen to music, sleep, lots of kissing, and diet coke whenever I want! I am one lucky women, that man is way to patient and good to me. After 5 years we finally have figured out just a small bit of each other but are so comfortable together. I love that we can sit together not talking and if feels so norma, or I can chat his head off and he listens right along. We didn't miss a beat falling right back into our childless days routine. It was blissful.

But all good things must end and I was pretty excited to get back to my babies. I came home and snuggled my babies all night long, taking them in and loving them a little bit more then I left them. I realize I need to leave them more because I feel rejuvenated when I come back. I think I am a better mom when I get little breaks from them...ya know?  I didn't document the trip to much, but here is a few shots. Check out my hot husband...yes ladies he is ALL mine ;)

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