Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's changing....

Oh man it finally is cooling down here in California. It is almost the last week in September and the high was 84 yahoo! It has been over 90 for weeks and I was dying for some cooler weather. I can feel the verge of the changing season in my bones and I love it! Fall is my favorite season of all. It is SO beautiful in California during the fall. It is sunny still, the air is cool and crisp and while we don't get as much color as Utah, it still is sufficient for me to get my fix! 
I am looking forward to watching Max play outside for hours without getting sweaty, I am so excited to start baking again and to have the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon running through the house. Hmm I can image it now! I can't wait for halloween {I need costume ideas for the boys!} and the spirit of Thanksgiving. I pulled out my owls, burlap, and wicker wreaths. Oh I am one happy girl in the fall. 
My wardrobe is so much more vast with winter apparel {all those years in Utah} and I look better in jeans and long sleeves and boots. 
For some reason the smell of fall always makes me remember my senior year in High School getting ready for homecoming making our float {remember that Lauren/Jill?} It was such a run time anticipating college and the huge change. How funny to think one year later I was getting married. Anyways there is many reasons why I love fall, I think it would be a great season to have a baby. Who else is with me! So please dear weather let the heat be gone and the cool stay! 

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FALL TOO! Hence, my last few blog posts have been about fall. Where did you get that cute little "i love autumn" pic?! I love it. I totally remember being in El Dorado Hills during the fall! I miss it there so much sometimes...