Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slacker over here!

I haven't blogged in OVER a week...that is a new low for me. I don't know if it is lazyness, or that my "To Do" list is so long by the time I sit down at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is sit down and document what is going on. I've had a busy week of planing 2 different parties, watching lots of kids for various people, trying to deep clean rooms, Drs appointments, and always trying to entertain the toddler. Lets be honest I stay at home most projects I take on by/for myself and I schedule my day around my kids which includes 4 naps between the 2 of them :)

I think overall I haven't been blogging because who really wants to read about my constant battles with Max on trying to get him to eat? Or how he has not clue what NO means...well he does but he is smart and decides not to listen. And how he is SO eager to "help" with everything I find myself wanting him our of my hair which makes me feel like a bad mom. Or how Noah weights 20 pounds and still won't sleep through the night. Right who wants to hear these things?

It's reality, and sometimes that can be a bit boring.

After going away for the weekend it was a short glimpse of the childless life I once had. How funny I once was begging Larry to have babies and leave that so simple blissful life behind. Yes Yes I love having kids but wow I never appreciated the 3 years of our life before Max arrived, more then I did that weekend. I came home feeling so refreshed and excited to see the babies but within hours I was feeling the tedious, tantrum throwing days ahead of me, and I pretty much wanted to cry and run back to having no kids.

BUT it's reality, and I am a mom, so there is no running away :)

So besides my slacking on blogging we've been doing the same day to day things. Next week I am going to watch my sister-in-laws 6 kids while they go to Mexico so next week will be nuts me and 8 kids with a husband that is never around....good times and probably some good stories so stay tuned!


  1. i hope you get paid to watch all those kids!!!!!

  2. OH MY YOU ARE SO SO BUSY!!!! Maybe I should re-think the begging for children too. :) I should enjoy my sanity while I have it. But on the other hand, a little max or noah wouldn't be so bad crawling around here. hehe The grass is always greener! That's what I have learned over the years...

    1. Yes Yes the grass is always greener. I look at young cool couples and so badly wish sometimes we could go back...or even those carefree single days but I know that its just a phase and I've already lived in and need to be glad I've moved on to a different phase!