Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Moment I Realized I Was One Of "Those" Moms...

The other day while in the car with the kids, I pulled up next to a group of teenagers. They had the music blasting, and some girl was hanging all over a not so great looking guy. I instantly thought what would her mother think. At that moment I knew deep down inside although I wanted to be this cool carefree mom, I had become a real mom. A mom that constantly wants the best for her children and is always worried about raising her kids in a very un-virtuous world.

I have to admit I am not your average 25 year old girl. Most of my non LDS friends are in the world doing lots of different things, all while keeping up with the newest trends, music, and media. I on the other hand am elbow deep in mommy hood. Changing diapers, playing with balls, cars, cooking, cleaning, and being a wife. If you asked me what is the newest song on the radio I wouldn't have a clue but I do know the theme song to Super Why...and I do know how much a gallon of whole D milk costs at probably every grocery store around!

Whenever I am out of my little bubble of my house, I continually think about how different my life is, and how I became that mom who sees a teenage girl displaying her body to the world, and wants so badly to go over to her and say respect your body, cover up, your worth so much more then you think! I feel so bad for kids who do not have a firm foundation of standards, and self worth. Whenever I have these moments in my life, it makes me want to be a better mom to my kids. I want to teach my boys to be respectful, safe, helpful, loving...all the things that the world says are not important.

Raising kids in this day in age is scary. There is so many different outlets for my boys to find out things about sex, drugs, violence,  and cheating...I feel like sometimes they don't stand a chance against the world we live in. Yes my boys are little but man alive its something I think about as Max grows and learns I want to shelter him so badly from the filth of the world. I want my boys to respect girls from the very beginning, and to stick up for their beliefs, because I know things will only get worse as our society changes.

I am so grateful I have a solid foundation of values that I learned as a teenager. I am grateful I have a husband who understands the importance of teaching boys how to become men. I LOVE that I have become on of "those" moms who not only notices her own children but others as well. If we do not want our society to become more wicked, we need to teach not only our kids but all kids that there is standards, values, those things are not old fashion! OH How I wish I could go back and tell the teenage AnnMarie to not worry about dumb boys, wearing fashionable un-modest clothes, or what is popular doesn't matter because there is so much ahead of you! Teenage AnnMarie would think how uncool I am because I became on of "those" moms, but Oh how sweet it is!

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  1. This is said so perfectly. I love it so much. This should be a talk in general conference. :)