Friday, September 21, 2012

"Your Out Of Control"

That is Max's new saying, I think he has heard that floating around the house one to many times. The first time I thought it was pretty funny, after that I really though oh man I need to watch what I say around his over eager developing mind.

This boy albeit stubborn, persistent and all things 2, really knows how to make his mom laugh. He is pure amazingness in his imagination and innocents. Really just wondering around after him as he plays can be quite the adventure. Listening to his chitter chatter about balls, dora, pooh bear, and his friends from nursery just reminds me how he is developing into his own little person with personality and opinions.

At 27 months Max can do almost anything by himself minus going potty. He can tell me or show me exactly what he wants. He knows what stories he likes and has his absolute favorite. I have read Jamberry every day for weeks at least 3 times a do the math. He also loves Go Dog Go, and Goodnight moon, he has a lot of it memorized. He knows all his alphabet and what they letters say as well as his colors. We are working on numbers now.

He still loves to play ball and has found a new love of volleyball and soccer, but still throws a good spiral. He loves his new balance bike and being outside. He likes to run errands especially when he gets a treat or a new hot wheels car. He is 100% boy but loves his animals and taking them on walks with his stroller.

He is a sponge, and repeats what people say constantly. He loves his brother Noah and wants to help with everything from cooking to changing Noahs diapers. It takes me 10 times longer to do anything with his help, but I know I need to be patient while he is learning.

He really melts my heart and when he is happy, content and playful we have the best time together...check out the shots I got from our walk last night. I have no clue where he comes up with this stuff. I want to soak him up before something else changes.

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