Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Catch Up...

Things we've done lately mostly over Labor Day Weekend..

...went to see Batman {finally, LOVED IT} 
...Larry build 2 new fences 
... finished some old blog posts
...planed a babyshower & birthday party 
...canned 18 quarts of pears 
...did yard work
...finished reading a books series
...put baby swing away {sigh he's grown out of it}
....organized clothes, put Noah into 6-9 months
...garage saled! 
...tried a new recipe Hawaiian BBQ chicken {yummy} cut for Max & Larry
...booked family pictures for Christmas cards

Overall we had a busy labor day weekend. It will be the last vacation that Larry has until Christmas basically. The weekend brought some cooler weather which made me really excited for fall! I am over the heat, and am ready for cool crisp park days, sweatshirts, and early dark nights.

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