Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Phone Dump From April-May 2012

I found these on my phone and I had to share. I love snapping photos and probably should be better at getting them on a better quality camera but my phone is always with me. Its fun to look back and see how fast and how much these boys change.

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  1. 8 posts in one day!? I love them ALL. I'm so glad that blogger didn't stop you from writing things down. I hate how the photos don't go where you want them to, but I'm starting to move on from it.... Your two little guys are so adorable and Max is so playful! You are a trooper! congratulations Ann Marie, on making it this far! I can only imagine what these past six weeks have been like. You're amazing.

    Just babysitting my nephew for an afternoon kept me super busy I can't imagine what two is like... ALL DAY and aLL NIGHT!! Love you!