Monday, May 21, 2012

Max at 23 Months.

Well next month is the big 24 month mark for our Max, but this last month he has really changed in big ways. All of a sudden he is talking non stop. He says lots of real words that not only can mom understand but other people! He has learned to identify and say the letters IOEDPB which is pretty awesome and has recently learned to say "Its Mine" which is a mixed bag :) He is still active as can be running, jumping, throwing, kicking this guy is all boy. In the last few weeks he has declared his love for trash cans. Anywhere we go he identifies all the trashes and wants to throw things away like food, pieces of paper or anything he can get his hands on. The other day in the car he was fussy and to get him to stay happy my mom kept telling him she saw trash cans ahead and that made the fussing stop, its pretty funny and annoying at the same time.

He still loves balls and being outside, especially now because its almost summer and he can play in the water all day. He loves the hose and has learned to turn it on and off and he loves to still take baths. He takes a 3 hour nap everyday from 1-4 and sleeps great at night which is a big blessing for me because I need at least on baby to sleep good! He has learned to fold his arms for prayer time and can say amen which just melts my heart. He loves his Noah and every time he kisses him he says  "Nice". He still doesn't like loud sounds like the vacuum or when Noah is screaming bloody murder in the car Max typically joins right in with him. He loves going on our daily walks especially now with his buddy in the double stroller.  He loves his bottles still and drags his baby blanket everywhere even outside throw all the dirt. We love our Max and are so excited to celebrate his birthday next month!


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