Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2 Month Old Noah.

Today sweet boy turned 2 months old. Oh I just want him to stay a little baby forever he is so squishy and lovely and adorable. I am in love with his little double chins and his legs and arms that are starting to fill out. He has a strong head that he can lift very well and loves to stand on his long feet. He has soft clear skin, and cubby cheeks I could kiss all day.

He is starting to respond to my voice and can track me when I love around the room. He is full of smiles, those toothless little smiles are the best. He is starting to coo and gurgle and occasionally you can tickle him and get a laugh. He is eating constantly and is still nursing good which is nice for me. He has really chunked up and I sadly packed away his little premie and newborn clothes the other day. He resembles Max a lot I think and his head is looking pretty big.

I think he favors Larry because those dads just have the right touch when it comes to cranky tired babies. Every time he is held, or wrapped by Larry he is out for a good nap shortly after. He loves getting baths from his dad and would sleep on his chest all night long if I allowed it.

My favorite thing to do is hold him after he is nice and full and he is so content. I love to stroke his soft head and to rub his torso because he gets all squirmy and seems to like it. I love to unwrap him from his tight swaddle and watch him stretch his arms and legs out one limb at a time. He is still up in the night 1-2 times and still grunts a ton but I know as he grows all these little things will change, but I am still pretty tired all day.  I want to capture all the great things about him and his babyness because before I know it he will be big. Oh I could just kiss him and hold him forever.

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