Thursday, May 24, 2012

Note to self....

Don't have 2 kids in less than 2 years because bathing suit season is upon us and I want to die...or move to a cold place where swimming is not the activity of choice for 4 long months.

Also when you are expecting to take a nap when both your kids just jinxed yourself for thinking that because then they conspire against (Noah) taking a nap while the other (Max) is throwing a tantrum in the crib for a good hour then falling asleep in your bed right when the other (Noah) is waking up to eat.

Also drinking diet coke all day long to get through the day is OKAY, don't beat yourself up about it because most days your surviving trying to make your kids have good memories.

Oh one more thing...taking both kids to Target to find some summer clothes for yourself is never ever a good leave the store buying a ball, diet coke, and a treat for your toddler to keep him from climbing out of the cart. Plus you spent more time loading and unloading the kids then you actually did in the store.

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