Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blogging Slump.

I really want to blog more but I have bit a bit frustrated with the new blogger, anyone else out there want to throw your computer out the window when trying to upload and display pictures...just me?  We can blame my range on my post partum hormones...I think I can get away with that excuse for a good year right?

Things are good around here. Busy in the sense of taking care of 2 little boys is very demanding both physically and mentally. Everyday I go to bed exhausted in a blur of memories of the day. Nursing Noah, feeding Max, changing both their diapers, chasing Max, telling him to be soft to Noah, drinking a diet coke and then repeating probably 20 times a day. I changed 17 diapers the other day! Good golly! But the great thing is whenever I see their smiling little faces or when I catch Max doing something cute and Noah is content watching his big brother run wild my heart is full. I may be totally disheveled looking and self conscience about my weight but its all good when they are happy.

Larry is busy with work and school. He takes his first final tonight and wraps up his second year next week yahoo!! He is looking forward to a couple weeks of and then a short summer semester. I use to always be looking forward to when he was done with school, thats when I thought our lives would begin. Oh how wrong I was. With 2 kids, a job, friends, church callings, family our lives are continually going and changing and we are taking it in strides. Hopefully I can figure out the picture thing and get more up of my really cute kids because lets face it the blog is all about them!

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