Sunday, May 6, 2012

Noahs Blessing.

I didn't get too many pictures of Noah's blessing but it was a nice evening. We had some friends and whatever family was around come over on Sunday night and had root beer floats after. I like blessing my babies in our home, or with family around not in church. I am not a fan of blessing babies in sacrament meeting I want a more intimate place. Larry gave Noah a sweet blessing of being a good brother, serving others, and being an example in others lives. I also didn't do the traditional all white outfit because I didn't have Max's (it was in storage) and really I am low key about these things I'd probably not do it at all if Larry didn't insist. Here are some pictures of the day and a few cousins that were in town! I should have snagged a family picture but once again I time! 

Oh sweet noah, you might not be the most photogenic baby but we love you! 
Later that night the boys hanging out once everyone left. Sometimes it is crazy that we already have 2 kids before Max is even 2! Time flies! 

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