Saturday, March 29, 2014

Noah turns 2!! A Mickey and Minnie Celebration!!

Cortney and I decided a few months ago to throw a joint party for Noah and Cambria. We would be inviting the same people anyways and they are only 3 days apart and we thought it would be so fun and cute to do a Mickey and Minnie party for them. We sent out the cutest mickey invites we made them to look like his head and then decorated our house so fun and cute.

We had tables inside for everyone to eat, we served hot dogs (like the song from the show) and lots of different yummy foods. The plan was for the kids to just play outside. Sadly after months of California not raining we got RAIN and a lot of it the day before and the day of the party. I was a bit panicked because we did have a ton of people coming and the rain was not letting up. We decided just to put lots of toys in the front room, move all the furniture out of the back den room and set up the tables there. It was still a lot of fun and we are thinking maybe we will do in every other year or something. It was fun celebrating Noah and Cambria with all our friends and family. We love these 2 and feel like they are close as siblings even though Noah says he is going to marry Cambria. We shall see!! Happy Birthday to these two. You guys are our favorite two year olds!!



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