Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lorell turns 100

Larry's grandma turned 100 and we took a super quick trip to utah. I didn't even document the trip because it was just Larry and I and it was blissful! We stayed in a hotel and slept all night and ate at all our favorite spots we miss in Utah and we shopped a lot for new baby girl!! We flew in Friday and flew out Monday morning so it was super quick but worth it. We have never left the boys for that long so I left them each a gift to open each day when my mom thought they needed it and we didn't contact them it would make them upset. Really it is easy to leave them in some ways because its their house and their use to my mom anyways but It takes a lot for me to leave them. I also didn't want to drag them to a boring party for their great grandma who they never met and who they will never remember. It might be cold hearted of me but I hate placing my children in positions like an adult party and then get mad at them for acting like it was perfect to leave them and it was SO nice to get away! I did get this shot of us with Lorell. Our baby will be her 106th great grandchild. She still has a great memory but sits. It was nice to see some of Larry's siblings and all our friends in provo. We haven't been back to utah in 3 years so it was nice to see our old stomping grounds! 

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