Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Currently with Noah....

(Noah's Joy School photo 2015)

Well my spit fire Noah...you are crazy! We love you so much and really we couldn't imagine life without you. The other day an older man saw you and said, man I bet he is the kinda kid you can't turn your back on for a second...I said dead on! You are that kid my love!! You are wild, and silly, and care free with just a hint of naughtiness that you like to let come out especially when you think it will be fun. You sit in time out often, and usually cry and say you will never ever do it again, which is almost 100% never true. We love your big brown eyes and your toothy smile. You say the most ridiculous things every. Today you said primary was boring...and I asked you what boring meant and you said it meant things you didn't want to do! Ha! You are clever and always are up for fun. The other day you were in the bathroom and I asked if you were every going to obey the rules, and you told me no, that you were allergic to obeying rules and then you laughed and said isn't that so funny?! Oh boy you are just the craziest 3 1/2 year old I know! Here is what's up with you...

  • Love going to joy school 2 times a week 
  • Obsessed with the color green...everything has to be green 
  • Still has a paci and bottle :/ 
  • loves to play until you are over it then destroy whatever you were playing with 
  • In the bad transition of nap phase, still need one but fights it unless you fall asleep in the car then we all jump for joy!
  • Loves to escape the house with scout, adventures over to neighbors yards 
  • Likes doing magic tricks
  • Goes into great drapers room and turns all his lights on and off
  • Is a good eater...especially cold hot dogs and chips and cheese 
  • Likes to color on things :) 
  • potty trained!
  • Loves bubble baths 
  • Usually your arms or legs are covered with pen or a stamp
  • Loves to get his hands copied in the photo copier 
  • Has to be watched like a hawk, will wonder off in 1 second if allowed! 
  • Has no stranger danger, we are working on that! 
  • Loves his green blankie...takes it everywhere 
  • Became a great little swimmer over the summer. Loves the hot tub! 
  • Loves Max and Scout 
  • Loves animals, especially dogs...always asking for one.
  • Loves going to the park and cruising around on his trike. 
  • Loves hanging out with grandma doing play dough 
  • Asks for the ipad when he is tired
  • Wakes up a lot in the night asking for someone to lay by him
  • Great vocabulary and memory! 
Oh Noah we love you lots! You make me exhausted and I hope as you turn 4 your constant need to bolt or get lost will lessen but your funny joyful personality will stay the same. We are working on being more obedient and listening the first time around. You try to be very helpful and you have a great passion for just about everything. You love to be tickled, and tackled and kissed and you have a great laugh! We love you so much!! 

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