Saturday, November 7, 2015

Scout 16 months

This girl has some personality!! She is leaning things at rapid pace. I'd like to think it is because she is brilliant but it might be her trying to keep up with her 2 older brothers :) She is the light of my life and my little buddy girl who hangs with me while the other boys are at school. She is so smiley and funny and imitates everything we do.

She can say...

  • mama
  • dada
  • hi
  • yeah
  • un-oh
  • ta-da 
  • max 
  • nono (noah) 
  • baby 
  • bye
  • baba (bottle) 
She can...
  • climb on every chair or table 
  • use a fork
  • blow kisses 
  • sleeps 2 naps and 12 hours a night
  • go up and down stairs
She loves....
  • her dad
  • her baby blanket 
  • bottle
  • her bothers
  • pushing her baby stroller
  • playing in the bathtub 
  • destroying everything
  • playing in the sandbox 
  • riding around on her scoot and zoom 
  • being tickled
  • playing with her brothers
  • being held 
  • getting lots of attention 
  • dogs 
  • mandarin oranges, string cheese, blueberries, and peanut butter 
  • looking at herself in the mirror
  • getting her teeth brushed
She is in the crazy phase of climbing on the tables and pulling things out from everything and everywhere. She thinks she is so funny when she does naughty things and loves to come up and pull my hand to take me to show me things. She is sad when they boys leave for school and always so happy to see them greeting them with a big smile and a loud hi. She loves to scream and listen to her voice inflections...she has a good set of lungs. She doesn't see herself as any different the the boys and I swear she has no clue she really is still a baby. She climbed and fell out of her crib a few weeks back and was totally shocked when she was on the wrong side in the dark. We lowered her crib to the lowest level and she should be good for awhile longer. She loves going to the park and being around friends and she loves the weekly music class we go to, she dances and sings right along! She can't wait and nether can I to go to nursery at church 2 more months to go! I love her SO much and am so happy she joined our family. She is so loved and I can't wait to see her with her sister, it might be dangerous or crazy for awhile but I know she will love that little baby. She is just the best little girl, we love her so much. It breaks my heart just a little to forget how she was just a year ago, a tiny new baby but she is turning into the funnest toddler and I love see her personality emerge and hearing her learn to talk is priceless. 

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