Monday, November 2, 2015

Currently with Max...

(Transitional Kindergarden  2015)

Max is almost 5 1/2 and he is so awesome and I just love him more and more! He is a great big brother, and really cares about his siblings. He is kind, and shy at times and still particular but he has really grown into his own little personality. He tries his hardest to obey and does a really great job at following rules and is a good example. Here are some more awesome things about him currently....

  • Still LOVES legos! 
  • Loves star wars and talks and acts it out continually 
  • Has about 5 lightsabers :) 
  • Can dress himself and always wears what I pick out! 
  • Loves playing outside and exploring the rocks usually acting out star wars 
  • Loves school and his friends
  • Can read really well and practices 20 minutes a day 
  • Is getting better at writing and cutting! 
  • Starting to really draw different things and color 
  • Has a great vocabulary and imagination 
  • His memory is amazing..I can tell him something from years ago and he will bring it up. 
  • Spending time with his cousins is his favorite 
  • Loves to walk and scooter to the park 
  • Likes soccer, isn't really good but never complains 
  • Knows most of the primary songs and sings them continually
  • Loves listening to scripture stories and tells me all about them 
  • Continually talks about star wars, legos, his friends, and things he learns at church 
  • Is helpful, grabs me a diaper, tells me is Scout is naughty, ect. 
  • Still loves blue and into changing into different costumes often. 
  • Loves pizza, root beer floats, carrots, yogurt, toast and grilled cheese 
  • Super creative with anything he plays with has a great imagination and tell storying 
  • Still hugs and kisses me when he goes off to school 
We love Max so much! It is sad to see him grow up, but it is also awesome how independent and funny he is getting. He is joyful, and innocent and wants to do his best and I love all his little things that make him tick. I am still blown away by his memory and I am amazed at how well he is really catching on with reading and writing which had been a struggle for him. He is still really incentive driven which is great and he loves to meet those goals and get his prizes. He treats Noah and Scout really well and is excited for the new baby. We love having him in our family and are excited to see how amazing he becomes! Love you Max!! 

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