Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Photos 2015

We had family pictures done a few weeks back and it is so fun to see the kids grow. I wasn't super thrilled with taking pictures 20 weeks pregnant because I look chubby not very pregnant but not myself. BUT this is me growing another human during this moment in time so I don't want to make that a reason why we don't take pictures so I suck it up and I am happy we did. I know we will be getting a new family member soon but I figure we will just take more when she arrives because I think having photos of your family good or bad (hopefully some good) are priceless. It is amazing to see how much they all have grown in just one short year. The boys were a bit hyper and Scout is going through the phase of not wanting to sit still or stand for 2 seconds but we did manage to get a few shots! It was also a hot 90 degrees in the evening when we were taking these so called "fall" shots. After we treated the kids to in-n-out and were happy to be done till next time! I love my family. 



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