Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Scout Turns ONE!!!

My perfect baby girl turned one year old today. My heart aches for the fact that this has been the fasted year of my life. I mean seriously I blinked and she turned one. I love her so much, my heart can't handle it sometimes, if feels like it will burst with pride when she smiles or does something cute. We had a rough start those first 4 months with the colic and the constant crying but then suddenly she changed and this sweet beautiful calm baby appeared. She is so sweet and loving, she has the best little spirit and she is loved and adored by all. I am sad to see her grow out of babyhood and into toddlerhood but the days pass by and I have to embrace it!

She is now walking everywhere with a funny little buddha stance with wide legs it's the best. She claps her hands and cheers for everything. She can say mama, dada, hi, bye, baby, and uh-oh! She waves her little hand when she says hi, makes me want to die it's so cute. She loves babies, and to poke their eyes...why do they always do that? She climbs up stairs but now down and she climbs everything!! The other day I put her on the couch turned my back and she climbed up onto the table behind the couch, she thought it was the best thing ever. She sleeps like a champ taking 2 naps a day and sleeps all night long still with her beloved boppy pillow! She gets super excited in the morning when you come to grab her, screaming, kicking and laughing. She loves playing with her brothers, or being in the room with them and she loves to eat legos. She loves to put things in something then pull them out again, over and over again.

Her favorite thing to do is be held :) She loves to cuddle and put her head on my shoulder. Every time she gets a blanket she pulls it closer to her face and sighs, I love it. She eats vanilla yogurt everyday and loves yogurt bites. She also loves licking peanut butter off a spoon and when she is done eating she throws all her food off her tray.

We threw a sweet ice cream party for her to celebrate her mile stone. It was a fun party to plan and I love having people come over who love her just as much. It takes a village to raise a family and I have such a good village!

Loved all the little ice cream things around the table, made it feel just like summer and her pink cake! It was tiny but I love getting to decorate with pink now! 
We did ice cream sundaes with lots of toppings and cones for those like Max who like nice plain things! It was simple but very festive! 

My favorite part of the whole thing was putting her gold S on this wall and then decorating it with pictures from the last year. It brought back lots of memories and made my heart swell seeing her grow over the year. She was the most beautiful newborn baby ever! Those cheeks of hers have been kissed a million times. 

Her classic and new tradition of taking their picture with the Birthday sign! Love her outfit with ice cream cones all over it and that little profile of hers is just the best thing ever!! 
We had lots of friends over and at the end sang to her and let her go at her cake. She was timid but slowly she started to eat the frosting and got to the cake. Max was concerned she would get burned with the flame but he protected her...good brother. 

She really started to go at it, love that fat little fist stuffed into her mouth. Oh I just lover her so much!So much sugar! 
Happy Birthday dear girl. You are so special and so loved! You have made our family so much better and have brought a lot of love too. You make everyday better with your bright smile and I feel so blessed and privileged to be your mom. I hope you have the best life and I want so much for you! My baby Scout I love you so! 

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