Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

We had the best 4th of July, the kids were in a great mood and we had lots of fun celebrating! Larry only studied 2 hours (typically does 10-12) so it was nice to have him around! We started the morning off with our annual pancake breakfast and parade. 

 The kids ate up all the food, especially Noah who has been recovering from the awful mouth virus. He finally ate and ate after days of starving!  Love this blue eyed girl of mine! Can't believe a year ago I was pregnant waiting to have her at this same breakfast! 
Max loved doing down this water slide. He cracks me up making sure that I had brought his goggles! He is getting so brave, I can't believe sometimes this is the same boy! 
Max even got brave and did the dunk tank. As we were walking over he said "Mom I am a little bit excited and a little bit nervous!" haha so funny. He did it over and over and loved it, It was a proud mom moment for me! I kept screaming a say yay Max!! 
Later in the Afternoon we went to the Martins and had BBQ and swam all afternoon. Max did not get out of the pool for 4 hours straight. The kids made up water slides and Max walked the plank over and over. He is getting SO good at swimming he kept walking then jumping into the deep end and swimming all around without his floaties. He is even better then last year, I am so impressed at how strong of a swimmer he is becoming. I love watching him bob around, do cannon balls and flips into the pool. 

Here is sweet scout who was grumpy from no nap but still loving being in the pool. She loves water, and she loves eating popcorn! Poor girl has been fighting a virus but I know that she will get better soon. 
Here is me trying to be good a document as we were cleaning up. This is only a portion of our cousins and friends the Bright Family who played with us too. The kids were getting cranky but I snagged a few of them! We all went home exhausted and full! Such a fun day, we didn't do fireworks because it is illegal in our county and the kids crashed so we didn't have to deal with it! Max had gone with Larry the night before to see the big fire works show in town center and so it was good enough for all! Happy 4th everyone!! 

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