Thursday, July 2, 2015


So we got back from Texas last week, and it has been a crazy week since that. I watched my sister in laws 5 kids for 3 days, had Max's 5th birthday party. and then Sunday both Noah and Scout got hit my an awful mouth virus. I am kinda dying about it. I tried to suck it up and be a good mom but man this one is bad. Their mouths are filled with sores and it's just a common (apparently) childhood virus that will have to run its course. That being said they are miserable, especially Noah who hasn't eaten or slept in almost 5 days. He cries loud ALOT and while my mom heart broke for his pain for a little while now I am just tired and angry and my patience is running thin. Larry of course is gone a good 12 hours a day so there is little time for me to get even 10 minutes to sit an regain some energy. Thank goodness Max is at art camp for a good part of the day, playing away so I only have to deal with 2 screaming kids. It's been a bad week and I am ready for them to feel better and go back to normalcy. I feel like crying right along with them.

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