Saturday, June 27, 2015


For Max's 5th birthday he requested a Ninjago birthday party! For those who don't know what that it is, it's lego + ninja combined! It is a show that Max loves and has lots of legos so it was a natural party for him! It was fun to plan and of corse I like all the details and a 5 year old could care less! :) 


The goodie bags were fun to make with take out boxes and a ninjago guy, I even made lego crayons to put in the box, as well as fortune cookies which Noah helped him self to probably 10 over the course of me making these. 

His cake was fun with the main ninja guys on top and some fun sprinkles I found that were like legos. Wish the pictures were a bit better, it was so bright in the house! 

Make a wish Max!! 
All his little cousins and friends that were ninjas. We had an obstacle course in the backyard with a water slide and everything, they had to go the course as many times as they want then the earned their black belt! A summer birthday is hard because so many people are always out of town but he got a good little group and had a great time. 

 Love this 5 year old crazy boy of mine! Happy Birthday Max!! 

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