Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Trip To The Children's Museum.

This morning I packed up the babies and took them down to the Sacramento Children's museum. It is a small place but lots to do and everything is really hands on so I don't feel bad it they play and make a mess because they really can't destroy anything. I am trying hard to keep busy and keep the boys doing things as it is now summer and I don't want them just watching TV all the time. Plus I am alone 100% of the day till late at night because Larry is studying his brains out so I have to prepare myself and getting out and doing things is the best for us all. 

 Where is Noah? This boy is good at hiding from me, especially when it is time to go and I can't find him, he actually thinks it is hilarious when it is not, and I kinda want to kill him.  He has gotten better  a few months ago I wouldn't have come here by myself with the 3 kids for fear that I would lose 
Noah because he runs off so much, so that is progress right. Never really lost him once today!

Max the butterfly, there is all types of dress ups at this place. Cute face. 

Love this baby girl of mine! She is so special and sweet in every way. She played and crawled everywhere. Sometimes I don't know if she knows she is actually a baby. Oh I love her so much. Could kiss her and take a million pictures of her beautiful face all day long. There is a little baby area she hung out in and played but her favorite thing was to be right by me with some toy in her hand watching the kids play.  


This is Noah's favorite thing here. You can stuff balls, and scarfs in and it will go through all the tubes then shoot out different ends and ways. The yarn balls were scouts favorite and she would crawl as fast as she could to catch them when they popped out. There she is in action probably going after one! 

Luck was on our side, Larry was on his way up from Sacramento after his bar prep class had ended so we met up for lunch before he went back to his studying. We were able to have a great lunch the kids sat and ate their food and did great. We are at a good spot with them and it is feeling more possible to do things because they are getting a little older. I know it will be short lived because Scout will be crazy when she starts walking. For now I will enjoy it! 

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