Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Max!!

My sweet Max you are 5 years old today!! I can't believe how fast these years have gone by. You are turning into such an amazing little boy. You are very detail oriented, have an amazing memory and have a soft heart. Here are some things I love about you and some fun facts as well!!

  • Loves LOVES legos! 
  • Has the best imagination, makes up stories, and plays avengers and ninjas often. Usually when you play you have to wear all red for spider man or your captain american outfit. You go full out when your in play mode. 
  • Still picky but getting better at eating! I think your hitting a growth spurt. 
  • Is becoming the best swimmer and getting so brave! 
  • Loves his cousins and friends 
  • Loves Noah and Scout, treats them really good most of the time!
  • Loves to be kissed, hugged or tickled. Sometimes just comes and lays on you for physical contact. 
  • Hates getting his hair washed! 
  • Hates church clothes! 
  • Prefers comfy clothes (drives me nuts) 
  • Loves vanilla ice cream 
  • Is excited for his new school, a little nervous as well he says 
  • Loves playing with Noah and grandma make believing 
  • Wants to be surrounded by kids at all time, hates when people leave our house 
  • Eats lots of grilled cheese and cereal! 
  • Favorite show is Ninjago and Star Wars Rebels 
  • Has seen all 6 Star Wars movies, and tells everyone about them 
  • Is interested in animals and outer space 
  • Gets nervous easily, especially when it comes to bugs, snakes, or a sibling potentially getting hurt. 
  • Smiles lots, and makes up funny jokes 
  • So sweet and really is concerned for others 
Max you have really grown into yourself! You have become a little more flexiable with things and I have become better at knowing and meeting your needs, like sticky hands or things in your shoes! I try to always have food you life, and I am careful with my words because you remember everything I say! I love seeing you play, you are so imaginative and I love seeing you get into the story you've made up. I love watching you play legos, you spend hours taking them apart, making people , weapons and ships. You are getting better at not complaining as much and right now we are working on teaching you that hard work is good! You still have lots to learn and some big things a heard of you but you are the best 5 year old around! You are so loved and special, always remember that!! 

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