Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

  • Go to Texas! 
  • Swim almost everyday
  • Larry Take & Pass the Bar!!!! 
  • Hit all the splash pads in the area 
  • See some movies 
  • Go to the lake once a week 
  • Celebrate Max & Scouts Birthdays 
  • Larry and I get away alone for a week...somewhere on a beach with endless diet cokes
  • weekend trip to Santa Cruz Or Monterey 
  • Get Tan ;)
  • Build lots of cool lego sets (max) 
  • Learn to swim without puddle jumpers (noah) 
  • practice reading and writing daily (max) 
  • work on blog 
  • have a friends BBQ 
  • visit fresno 
  • attend the temple twice 
  • learn to walk (scout) 
  • build a few sandcastles 
  • jan peaches & pears 
  • work on the backyard 
I'm pretty solo this summer as Larry is constantly studying...he just walked in the door at 7:30pm after leaving this morning at 8am. My mom will be around and do lots of things with me which is super helpful, our trip to Texas is kinda a big deal which is next week. Hopefully we can survive the summer and have some fun and limit TV watching. We are really limiting screen time and my kids are playing better, being more creative, and while it is so much easier to let them watch TV, I am trying my hardest to keep it off. Here is to a fun and hot summer. 

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