Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Texas..Hanging with the Taylor Girls!! {Part 2}

Tuesday we swam the day away at Nanna and Daddy Taylor's house (Jills in laws) We weren't sure we were going to because there was a lot of rain forecasted but the rain settled and we did get some good hours or swimming in. Michael's brother and sister were in town because he, Benjamin had just gotten home from his mission so it was fun to see him and hear about his new life post mish!

Here is the group swimming, eating popsicles and warm cookies in the pool! Living the vacation life! Also what I love about these pictures is that Carmen and Nora know how to pose for a picture, my boys not so much! haha they had a blast swimming together and exploring the Taylor's big back yard! 
Max is getting brave doing the water slide and cannonballs off the diving board! Go Max! 
Eating fresh cookies from the oven from Uncle Benjamin! What I love about Michael's family is that they take you in, and treat you like their own. It was so nice of them to let us come swim. Scout took a great nap in the house and I got to talk to Hildie Michael's mom for a long time and Jill too. So fun catching up while they all played and swam. 

We walked around Michael's parents property that has some lakes, everything is SO green here it is hard to get over coming from dry and drought california. Max loved it him and Noah were exploring it was very Huck Finn and Tom Swayer esq. We tried to get him to do long horns and all we got was a pace sign...awesome Max.  
The next day was going to be super rainy (tropical storm Bill) so we went to a fun little museum that reminded me so much of the Monty Bean museum at BYU. The boys loved to run around and see all the stuffed animals. Noah had a hard time not touching and in the end had to be strapped into a stroller which then he cried loudly for a long time and kept saying "I promise I won't touch" yeah right buddy! Sometimes I get frusterated at my boys for not being less active but then I remember they are mine, and normal kids and we try harder to tame the wildness out of them. 
They especially loved the Polar bear and there is a peak of my awesome mom! 
Noah, Jill and Nora (just 2 months apart!) She is sweet as can be and totally hit it off with my mom and Noah wild as can be can barley pose for a picture! 

These 2 Max and Carmen just crack me up. They are just a month apart and similar and different in a lot of ways. They got along really great, all the kids did but these 2 were buddies at the end! We played outside on the fun play ground as it rained off and on, trying to get kids energy out before our 2 hour drive to Dallas. We were sad to leave the Taylor's but were so happy that we finally made it to Texas after talking about it for so long! I feel an overwhelming love for Jill and am so grateful she entertained us and put up with the messes and craziness of my extra 3 kids! It was such a fun trip, we want a repeat next summer! 

These 2 crack me up, they might never get married chances are one in a million but I hope over the years we can foster the relationship and they can meet back up at BYU 2025 or something like that ;) 

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  1. YAY! Finally caught up reading your blog! Love these!